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Our mausoleums come in a variety of designs and finishes. We can

also engrave your family name,

text, or other custom

designs into the stone.

A mausoleum is a wonderful way to commemorate the life of a special individual. St. Charbel Monuments Inc. can help you make a selection that will serve as a lasting monument to your loved one. We have single crypt mausoleums or you may choose a two crypt mausoleum so that a couple may rest together. Mausoleums may be placed on family plots or private estates.


With over 30 years of experience providing for families like yours, you can trust the quality of our work and the lasting durability of whichever mausoleum you choose.

Honor a Loved One or a Whole Family with a Custom Mausoleum

  • Single crypt

  • Two crypt

  • Up-right

  • Walk-ins

  • Private estates

Affordable Payment Options

Preparing to say good-bye to a loved one is never an easy task; the planning and the costs can feel overwhelming. We understand how your feel during this difficult time. Ask us about flexible financing options for your mausoleum. You’ll be able to carry out your loved one’s last wishes at a great price.

Choose Your Mausoleum

Get a beautiful mausoleum for the family plot or for a dearly departed couple.

Memorial mausoleums