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Treasure your loved one's life with a classic bronze marker or memorial. Call us for an in-home appointment to discuss your options.

Honor your loved one’s legacy with the timeless look of bronze. Bronze plaques are durable, versatile and can be affixed to almost any surface. So whether you’d like to add a bronze to a stone grave marker or affix a bronze plaque to a park bench or other item, you’ll have a high-quality, long lasting memorial with a classic look that will bear the name of your loved one with an added design or inscription of your choice.


Bronze memorials are a perfect choice for veterans too. They can be added to head stones or grave markers, and even building and other stone structures.

Dedicate Any Object or Memorial with a Bronze Plaque

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Custom Engraving and Inscription

When you choose a bronze memorial from St. Charbel Monuments Inc., you can add custom inscriptions, dates, and designs to your bronze. Bronze is an affordable and versatile way to pay tribute to your loved one, particularly when seeking a cremation memorial.

Bronze Plaque Options

Bronze memorials are an elegant and versatile way

to celebrate your

loved one's life.

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